Roommate Discussion

Discussion Point – Food / Shopping
If you plan to share food, supplies, etc. You may want to consider an agreement about who is purchasing necessity things frequently (such as milk, bread, etc.) and any rotation you may have for who will be supplying groceries or not. Keep in mind any allergies that you may want to discuss.

Discussion Point – Cleanliness / Cleaning Responsibilities
Discuss who will clean the common areas of the suite and who will be responsible for general cleanliness of the suite etc, (dishes, dusting, clean-up, etc.)

Discussion Point – Privacy
Times as to when you may want to have privacy and what the arrangement will be for being equal and respectful to each other’s privacy.

Discussion Point – Sharing of Personal Items
What you agree to share or not share (ie. Dishes, utensils, CDs, books, clothing, paper towel, toilet paper, computers, appliances, etc.) Discuss if you do need to ask permission to use these items. Set guidelines and limits for sharing.

Discussion Point – Noise / Study Times
Having guests over, how frequently both of you plan to study each week, and what you both plan to do in the suite while one is studying and to promote healthy study habits. Discuss how often in a week friends can come over, how many, and how you plan to notify your roommate when you expect guests. For noise, discuss when you plan to study, and if the TV or stereo can be on during that time. What time is reasonable to be quiet during the week and weekends.

Discussion Point – Overnight Guests
How frequently you plan to have overnight guests, how far in advance you want to be told about whether your roommate is having an overnight guest, any limitations to when a guest can or cannot stay over (ie. Mid-terms, exams) and any rules that will be enforced to respect each other’s privacy.

Discussion Point – Smoking, Drinking, Drugs
Your drinking habits and how they may effect each other, and to discuss that both roommates are on common grounds about no smoking or drug-use in Residence. Very clearly, Saint Paul University Residence is a non smoking building, if you are a smoker, you must do so outside and at least 9 metres from the nearest entrance way.

Discussion Point – Parties / Entertainment
How frequently you both plan to party in Residence and how social both of you are. If both of you don’t see eye-to-eye on this area, you may need to discuss ways that you can both find a common ground that will be reasonable and conducive to both of your enjoyment with the Residence experience.